There is a new anti-Trump hashtag out there.


The trending tag assumes Donald Trump is a racist and, according to Kamau Bell, “even you good liberals” should “come get your boy.”

Hate for The Donald transcends politics. It’s a racial thing. All white people are guilty for the perceived crimes of Trump because they are white. Tribal action is required. 

“It is time, white people, for you to finally step up and recognize that you also (even more so) have a responsibility to your race,” Bell writes for the prog website, Salon.

According to the 21st century version of the collectivist ideology any perceived crime Trump commits–a micro-aggression or otherwise–is a crime for all white people to suffer blame for. The only way to combat Trump is through racism, Bell declares, and doing so is “kind of cool.”

“But denouncing Trump from a position of whiteness, declaring that he disgusts you as a white person and does not speak for you as a white person does something different, something kind of cool.”

The Donald Trump as evil white person meme is a tool for the whole cultural Marxist agenda:

One dimensional progs are frustrated Donald Trump is the most popular candidate in America. How to fight this? Declare everybody who supports him a racist.

This feeds into the irrational white privilege agenda as well.

Kamau again, responding to Adam Mansbach, an author who penned a book with the creative title Angry Black White Boy (and also one inexplicably titled Go the Fuck to Sleep):

“The moment at which your white Facebook fans get off the Kamau Bus is the moment when you point out that Donald Trump is not an aberration – not a perversion of whiteness or capitalism or Americanism but rather the result, the logical outcome, the pinnacle of it.”

There is no escape from the crimes of white skin.

Even Bernie Sanders is culpable.

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