Congressional circus theatrics are dooming the Democrats’ chances of connecting with most Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

An Axios poll reveals that moderate Democrats are perplexed by the anti-American leftist uproar infestation.

A newly released internal poll of Democratic swing voters found that just 9 percent have a favorable view of Rep. Ilhan Omar, while just 22 percent view Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez favorably.

Rather than side with open borders and the abolishing of national security, most Americans are too smart after eight years of Obama to fall for manufactured spectacles on the hill.

Meanwhile, communist Antifa oriented incidents are increasing as the recent bomber in Washington State expressed a call to violent action in a letter praising his comrades and then proceeded to bomb an ICE facility with Molotov cocktails.

Officer Loretta Cool with the Tacoma Police Department described the mad bomber’s lunacy, saying, “He was throwing these items at the building in an effort to set it on fire. It didn’t work, it’s a concrete building.”

The bomber, Willem Van Spronsen, who was also carrying a rifle, was shot dead by police.

We must use the laws on the books to nip the Communist revolutionaries plaguing our Republic in the bud before our own inaction inevitably spirals out of control.

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