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June 9, 2011

State and federal agents swarmed across several small communities in and around the San Joaquin Valley town of Los Banos early Tuesday morning and arrested 75 suspected members of a prison gang and a street gang.

The raid, code-named “Red Zone,” also netted weapons, including five assault rifles, $64,000 in cash and unnamed quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. The operation was the culmination of a two-year effort targeting “transnational gangs” that operate across the U.S.-Mexico border, dealing in drugs, weapons and human trafficking.

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“This was an example of the work of confronting this dangerous gang activity,” said state Attorney General Kamala Harris, who traveled to Los Banos the day after the raid. Harris has increased law enforcement efforts against transnational gangs in recent months, partly in response to the out-of-control drug war raging between cartels and the Mexican army.

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