CBC News
June 18, 2009

Alberta’s Liberal leader is demanding an apology from Finance Minister Iris Evans, who suggested that in order to raise children “properly” one parent should stay at home while the other goes to work.

[efoods]”If she really said these things, she must apologize. If she doesn’t apologize, the premier must fire her,” David Swann said in a statement Wednesday. “These are truly outrageous claims. I have never been as stunned by the sheer arrogance and ignorance of the Tories as I am today.

“In a sense, Iris Evans did us all a favour by revealing her contempt for the sacrifices made by hard-working Alberta families.”

At the end of a speech on Alberta’s economy to the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto, Evans spoke about the importance of teaching kids about finances and how those lessons can be empowering.

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