Ron Paul was trying to spread the gospel, and the microphone wouldn’t let him. On Sunday night, more than 1,000 voters, mostly young, had crowded into the stateliest and largest room of the Memorial Union to hear Paul rally with his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky).

And then, after a standing ovation, the three-time presidential candidate sounded like an old recording of a ghost. He powered through, with only four TV cameras — two of them from C-Span — following the man who’d won 30 percent of the vote in this county four years ago. His crowd strained to hear him, until finally, someone handed him a working microphone.

“Should I start over?” Paul asked. “Okay … remember how I used to say, ‘End the Fed’?”

It was like nothing had gone wrong. “End the Fed!” yelled college students wearing Ron and Rand Paul gear. “End the Fed!” A bearded man silently raised the sign he’d made by taping together the father’s 2008 logo and the senator’s little icon of a flame. Steps away, the senator quietly applauded.

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