Kurt Nimmo
June 9, 2012

The neocons are in rapture. Rand Paul said he will campaign for Mitt Romney. His father has not explicitly endorsed Romney but has thrown the weight of his delegates behind the former Massachusetts governor.

On Thursday the elder Paul admitted he does not have the required number of delegates to challenge Romney in Tampa come August. He wrote in an email from Lake Jackson that his campaign “will send several hundred additional supporters to Tampa who, while bound to Romney, believe in our ideas of liberty, constitutional government, and a common-sense foreign policy.”

Romney and the establishment are antithetical to liberty and constitutional government. His foreign policy will be exactly the same as that of Obama and Bush before him. In fact, it may be far worse considering Romney’s foreign policy advisers are a gaggle of Zionist neocons who are determined to attack both Syria and Iran and the sooner the better.

Rand Paul’s support of Romney and his declaration that he will campaign for him reveals that the senator from Kentucky is a dangerous pragmatist who will compromise with the establishment and its neocon wing of forever war advocates and Israel-centric fanatics. Ron Paul, while not explicitly supporting the establishment’s hand-picked candidate, has indicated he “would fall into line when push came to shove,” as the neocon Eric Golub joyfully writes today.

It is a sad day for liberty in America. I am sure both Rand and Ron Paul believe acquiescing to the establishment will allow them a chance to enter the back door of the Republican Party where they might continue to work on changing the system from the inside. Instead, it will give the establishment a chance to  convert the faithful into card-carrying Republicans and expel those who continue to push individual liberty so radically at odds with the platform of the corporatist – and hence fascist – Republican Party.

The Republican establishment has absolutely no tolerance for libertarian ideals. It felt so threatened by the Tea Party it worked overtime to co-opt and sabotage it. The Tea Party is now a cheering section for the neocons and their so-called conservative allies who are determined to start a world war and facilitate the destruction of America so it might be merged into the world government scheme the global elite have up their sleeve.

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