It’s still a long, long way to 2016 as the mud flies, but sniping has started early in both parties, and that’s good. The system is working exactly the way it’s designed to work. Some people, forever fretting about spilling tea on their crumpets, are looking for the ladies’ fainting couch. But here’s a toast and a cheer for contentious politicians.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are getting it on over President Obama’s romance with the Castro brothers in Cuba, and Elizabeth Warren is itching for what was called, in a braver time than the one we live in now, “a cat fight.” She can’t wait to provoke Hillary Clinton’s celebrated throwing arm that aimed many a lamp at Bubba when the Clintons were in the White House.

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The wreckage that the Castro brothers have made of fundamental human rights in Cuba is no theoretical issue for Mr. Rubio. His parents fled Cuba to avoid a wretched life, and he scolded Mr. Obama for “coddling dictators and tyrants” and scheming for cordiality with a regime that harasses, imprisons and kills its people to suppress dissent and decency. Even a dissenting dog must make a long swim to Key West to bark.

“The United States trades and engages with other communist nations, such as China and Vietnam,” Mr. Paul argues. “Why not Cuba? I am a proponent of peace through commerce, and I believe engaging Cuba can lead to positive change. Sen. Rubio is acting like an isolationist who wants to retreat to our borders and perhaps build a moat. I reject this isolationism.”

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