Senator Rand Paul suggested this weekend that President Obama should be stripped of the Nobel Peace Prize, and that it should instead be awarded to President Trump, after details emerged of Trump’s efforts to end the endless war in Afghanistan.

Paul took to Twitter and linked to a Washington Post report that suggests Trump is making arrangements for a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle East country:

“President Donald Trump plans to meet Friday with Cabinet officials and other senior national security advisers to begin making arrangements for a step-by-step U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, a person familiar with the president’s plan said.

“A second U.S. official said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is among Cabinet officials who will meet with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at Trump’s New Jersey golf resort.

“The session will review results of months of diplomatic outreach by Trump’s special envoy, former U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, and military plans to begin a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces and end the longest U.S. war.”

“Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize and subsequently sent 100,000 US troops to ramp up war in Afghanistan. If @realDonaldTrump ends the war, the Nobel Committee should retrieve Obama’s peace prize and give it to Trump!” Paul tweeted.

Paul has continually praised Trump for his efforts to withdraw from conflict with Iran and to withdraw US forces from Syria.

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