Senator Rand Paul explained Tuesday that reports of North Korea threatening to cancel the imminent peace summit talks with President Trump are being ‘over-read’, and that the negotiations should go ahead unhindered.

Reports emerged yesterday suggesting that North Korea had suspended talks with the South over military drills being carried out in conjunction with the US.

This quickly escalated into reports of North Korea threatening to scrap the talks with Trump and refusing to denuclearize.

The State Department, however, said it was unaware of any problems:

“This is consistent with the historic position [on the exercises] and that is why I wouldn’t over-read what is going on here,” said Senator Paul, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“I’m hopeful the talks will still occur and the talks we’re talking about having in Singapore. I think those will still occur.” Paul told Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

“From their perspective, they also feel they gave up the three prisoners and said they are ending military-weapons testing,” Paul continued, adding “They are giving and haven’t seen a little bit on the other side from us.”

“This is just their way of responding and pushing back,” Paul said. “But I don’t think it endangers the upcoming talks.”

The Senator also commented on the Iran nuclear deal, noting that he supports talks between Iran and President Trump, saying “I think that we need more discussion at a higher level with Iran.”

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