Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has warned that the Affordable Health Care Act must be replaced immediately, otherwise Republicans will be blamed for a continuing and worsening mess as Obamacare further unravels.

Writing for  Rare, Paul urged that it would be “wise” to have a replacement plan in place before repealing the healthcare legislation.

“If Congress fails to vote on a replacement at the same time as repeal, the repealers risk assuming the blame for the continued unraveling of Obamacare.” Paul wrote.

“For mark my words, Obamacare will continue to unravel and wreak havoc for years to come,” he added.

Paul noted that a “partial repeal” would “only accelerate the current chaos.”

“My fear is that if you leave part of Obamacare in place… then you will see an acceleration of adverse selection and ultimately mass bankruptcy of the healthcare insurance industry,” he wrote.

Paul added that “partial repeal of Obamacare will likely win the day, but when the insurance companies come to Washington crying for a bailout don’t say that no one warned of this preventable disaster.”

As a replacement for the controversial healthcare legislation, Paul advocated “freedom,” expanding with the following suggestions:

1. The freedom to choose inexpensive insurance free of government dictates.

2. The freedom to save unlimited amounts in a health savings account.

3. The freedom to buy insurance across state lines.

4. The freedom for all individuals to join together in voluntary associations to gain the leverage of being part of a large insurance pool.

Republicans in the Senate are set to vote this week on instructions that would open the door to repeal significant parts of Obamacare through reconciliation.

Paul’s warning dovetails with a promise by President elect Trump to reverse many implementations of the Obama administration on day one of his presidency.

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