Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took a side in the debate over In-N-Out Burger, posting a photo to Twitter with a Double-Double.

Posing with the double-meat burger, Paul tweeted, “I’m just gonna leave this right here,” with the hashtag #InNout.

The congressman was weighing in on the controversy regarding In-N-Out after the chairman of the Democrat party in California, Eric Bauman, called for a boycott of the burger chain over a $25,000 donation to the GOP.

The tweet has ignited a firestorm pitting the restaurant in the middle of a political debate that has nothing to do with their product whatsoever.

While leftists are going so far as to claim the restaurant is “racist” for donating to the “Nazi party,” others believe the boycott will be short-lived.

Paul did not specify whether he ordered the Double-Double “Animal style.”

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