Today, Americans are worried about their future, and the future of their country. They are afraid that a mountain of debt will weigh down their children’s opportunities. They are worried that the American dream—that each succeeding generation would be better off—is increasingly out of reach as the country is weighed down by the burden of government debt that grows larger every single day.

Unfortunately, the disastrous omnibus spending bill that Speaker Paul Ryan negotiated pushes the American dream further away from too many families. Following an all-too-familiar script–despite Republicans holding the majority in both houses of Congress–GOP leadership betrayed our principles through this terrible bill, acquiescing to the Obama administration’s determination to swell to our $18 trillion dollar debt.

This irresponsible bill is another reminder of the Right and Left’s unholy alliance of spending more of our money at every turn. Conservatives in the House and Senate must fight this big government bill if we are to build a better future where our children can thrive, not just pay off our profligate spending.

In the last decade we’ve added nearly $10 trillion in new debt, but what have we gotten? This economic madness has resulted in “The Great Stagnation”—stagnation of wages, labor force participation, and job growth. This year has seen the smallest uptick in wages since we first started tracking it in 1982. At the current pace, there will be more layoffs this year than any other year since the Great Recession. Labor force participation hasn’t been this low since Jimmy Carter was President.

Speaker Ryan’s spending bill will only increase the misery of ordinary Americans struggling to provide for their families. The size of government is inversely proportional to individual liberty. As government grows, liberty is diminished. The government has no power that doesn’t come at the expense of personal liberty. The government has no money on its own—just what it confiscates from its citizens.

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