While Syria, Russia and other national security issues featured prominently in Tuesday’s Republican debate, only one candidate brought up the nation’s crushing debt load.

“The greatest threat to our national security is our debt,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said in his closing statement. “We borrow a million dollars a minute. And whose fault is it? Well, frankly, it’s both parties’ fault.

“You have those on the right who clamor and say, oh, we will spend anything on the military, and those on the left who say the same for domestic welfare.
But what most Americans don’t realize is there is an unholy alliance. They come together. There’s a secret handshake. We spend more money on everything. And we are not stronger nation if we go further into debt. We are not projecting power from bankruptcy court.

“To me, there is no greater threat than our debt. I’m the only fiscal conservative on the stage because I’m willing to hold the line on all spending,” Paul concluded.

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