Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul brought up the Constitution and the Sixth Amendment when a reporter challenged his efforts to publicly reveal the identity of the whistleblower whose allegations kicked off a renewed interest in impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Paul addressed the question Tuesday after taking the stage at Trump’s Monday rally in his home state and demanding that the press publish the whistleblower’s name.

Paul went on to explain that the Sixth Amendment included the right of the accused to confront any accusers, suggesting that allowing the whistleblower to remain anonymous would then be a de facto denial of Trump’s Sixth Amendment rights.

Adam Schiff is attempting to hijack due process in America by altering information and pushing forward with a secretive impeachment process keeping his lies from the scrutinous eyes of the people.
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham also argued that the whistleblower was not guaranteed anonymity, telling reporters, “The whistleblower statute was never meant to give you anonymity. It was meant to allow you to come forward without being fired.”

In addition to calling for the identity of the whistleblower, Paul suggested that Republicans should dismiss the entire process as “a farce” if House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff refused to call Hunter Biden as a witness.

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