Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) vowed Monday to do “everything possible” end the renewal of the Patriot Act — even as he conceded that the filibuster he was planning was unlikely to be enough to end the program.

“We do not have the votes to ultimately defeat the Patriot Act. I can delay it; I can force them to debate it so the public at large can know what they’re doing,” Paul said, while asserting that he has public opinion on his side.

“They’ve got the votes inside the Beltway, but we have the votes outside the Beltway,” Paul said.

Paul’s trip here was designed to be teeming with symbolism as he prepares for what he calls a fight for the Fourth Amendment. Paul held a question and answer session with a Philadelphia radio host at the Constitution Center, where the Bill of Rights is displayed, followed by a press conference in the shadow of Independence Hall with sign-waving campaign supporters.

“Our founding fathers would be appalled to know that we are writing one single warrant and collecting everyone’s phone records all of the time,” Paul said, reiterating a call for President Obama to end the bulk collection of phone records in the wake of a judge’s ruling that it violated the Patriot Act.

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