Rape suspects who are in the country illegally are hard for police to track down, a local ABC affiliate admitted.

In particular, US Marshals are struggling to find men accused of raping two teens at a hotel in Bowling Green, Ohio, because they lack legal documentation.

“The problem is that [they] appear to be in this country illegally and police are using what little they have to go on,” 13 ABC of Ohio reported. “…Investigators do know what hotel they were staying in but that’s about it.”

“Most of the paperwork and documents they’ve received from this group has turned out to be bogus.”

Investigators are looking for two suspects, Juan Adiel and Arnulfo Ramos, the former of which possessed a fraudulent residency card, they said.

Two others were already arrested in Lubbock, Texas, and Bowling Green, Ohio, respectively.

The suspect arrested in Lubbock, David Ramos Contreras, had been deported in Oct. 2017, police said.

The other arrested suspect, Simon Juan, is from Guatemala.

It’s rather ironic for ABC to report on the difficulty for police to bust illegal aliens since it doesn’t quite fit the mainstream media narrative to lobby against President Trump’s increased immigration enforcement.

In fact, the case bolsters the president’s argument that more border security is needed, especially given that Contreras was already once deported and that police said the suspects were using fake IDs.

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