Aaron Dykes
November 4, 2012

Everybody knows that the system is gamed, that everything is corrupt, up one way and down the other. Everybody knows that this election will change nothing meaningful. But who is saying it?

Rapper Ice Cube has released a new video just ahead of the election seemingly critiquing nearly everything about that system – from top politicians to religious and educational institutions, to unexplained mass die-offs of birds, fish and livestock, to the economic slavery that has replaced traditional slavery in chains, to the 99% movement behind Occupy Wall Street to FEMA’s stranglehold on the country and more.

Ice Cube – Everything’s Corrupt (Official Video)
Warning: explicit language!


“For my birthday, buy me a politician; it’s a shame that you’ve got to teach the children everything’s corrupt,” Ice Cube says in the chorus, while referencing a litany of recent scandals. It is well timed for an election where many frustrated and disenfranchised citizens have realized that both major candidates are supporting corporate welfare and bailouts, GMOs, war, the NDAA and other big government issues.

While the artist seemed to have universal criticism for the entire political spectrum, his interview with Rolling Stone and other outlets reveals some praise for President Obama, though perhaps with reservations. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, he finds unbelievable.

“He just reminds me of somebody who’s trying to sell me a Mercedes Benz,” Ice Cube told Rolling Stone. “He’ll tell me that it looks good on me and this is my color and I can afford it and everything, just to get the sale. It’s astonishing that people are buying into that at the rate they are.”

Nevertheless, Ice Cube is clearly frustrated with politics as usual. Instead, he references, frequently, a growing culture of awakened individuals who’ve caught on to the systematic lies of the establishment and are standing up to bailouts, phony political promises and otherwise saying no to a system thoroughly rotten with widespread and nearly total corruption.

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