According to rapper Azealia Banks, Sarah Palin deserves to be humiliated and brutally gang-raped by black men. Banks removed the tweets, but screen shots were captured by the Media Research Center’s Ashley Rae Goldenberg.



Banks said the rape should be filmed and uploaded to WorldStarHipHop, a website renowned for its graphic violence.

The violent outburst occurred after the rap star had apparently fallen for a satire article that said Palin believes African-Americans willingly accepted slavery.

Banks, who identifies as a bisexual, is known for her irrational temper. Splice Today described her as having “that hot New York temper where she will pop off if you cross her the wrong way.”

In 2015, she assaulted a man on a plane in Los Angeles when he prevented her from disembarking ahead of other passengers. No charges were filed in the incident.

In 2014, she demanded $100 trillion to be paid to African-Americans as financial reparations for the enslavement of their ancestors.

“We are the children of the people who perished in the name of modern capitalism and we deserve a piece of that fucking pie,” she tweeted.

Capitalism has served Banks well, however. Described as the “Hip-Hop Cash Princess” by Forbes, she is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million.

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