Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib says she was “afraid” of her fellow Americans after 9/11 and that their reaction to the terror attacks made her “angry”.

In an interview with Makers, Tlaib said; “I was probably my second year in law school when 9/11 happened and I was really terrified of what was going to happen to my husband, who’s only a green card holder at the time”.

“I immediately called my brothers and told them to be very careful who you hang out with, telling my sisters, you know, just be real careful out there,” said Tlaib, who emphasized that she was “really afraid of my fellow Americans” after the attack.

The Democratic Congresswoman said the whole experience made her “angry” and more determined to become involved in politics.

Quite how Tlaib thought she was the victim after the slaughter of thousands of Americans by Islamic extremists is not elaborated upon in the interview.

Amy Mek posted the interview alongside footage (confirmed to be accurate) of Palestinians celebrating in the streets on the day of 9/11.

Tlaib has repeatedly emphasized her pride in her Palestinian heritage, which some have cited to accuse her of being a closet Islamist.

While no one is suggesting that Tlaib was glad 9/11 happened, her bizarre comments about the attack are on a par with Rep. Ilhan Omar’s equally absurd statement when she described the terror outrage as “some people (who) did something”.

Tlaib has repeatedly defended Omar, suggesting that criticism of her statement is akin to inciting violence.

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