A full 40 per cent of undecided voters who are leaning towards Hillary Clinton say they could still change their minds on who to vote for between now and November 8, compared to just 29% who are leaning Trump.

The new Rasmussen poll was partly conducted after the FBI’s announcement on Friday that it would re-open the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal.

The latest survey shows that 86% of Americans are now sure of how they will vote. Out of the figure who remain unsure, 40% of Hillary supporters remain unconvinced, compared to 29% of Trump supporters.

This suggests that Friday’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey has cast further doubt on whether Hillary can rally her supporters to show up at the polls amidst the deepening scandal.

However, the poll still shows Clinton leading Trump with 45% support amongst likely voters compared to Trump’s 42%.

Meanwhile, a new ABC News poll shows that Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity has hit a new high of 60% compared to a 59% unpopularity rating for Donald Trump.

The poll also reveals that 47% of the Democratic nominee’s supporters remain “enthusiastic” about her compared with 51% who were enthusiastic about her before the FBI announcement.


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