Robert Snefjella
Bancroft THis Week
May 28, 2010

Have you ever read the small print on your toothpaste box or tube? If it’s one of the much advertised brands containing fluoride, one may encounter an ominous warning. It would seem that swallowing a bit more than a little bit of the toothpaste produces a medical crisis. We are told that immediate help should be sought from medical professionals or a poison control centre.

Or perhaps your toothpaste fine print merely gives the following odd advice: If you are over six years old, cover the brush with the toothpaste. Someone under six should put only a pea sized amount on the toothbrush and should be supervised by an adult, to avoid swallowing. This begs many questions: for example, what should a six year old do? Why should one not swallow a pea sized amount of the material? What is the threat?

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Now consider the situation. Us trusting, gullible folk have been trained to buy a poisonous product and then encouraged to put this poisonous product into our mouths three times a day. And the trick is not to swallow it. The producers of the poison get to escape legal sanction by including a vague warning and puerile advice. But they depend for their continuing profits on us not reading the fine print. A fine point is that the poison also sedates us. Fluoride is a major component of Prozac. Brilliant.

And in case we do peruse the fine print, the producers of the poisonous product also depend on us being so dull and so trusting that what we read will not register, that we will not understand, that the obvious will not penetrate our brain, and that our programming via advertising will trump dear old common sense. Should one decide to behave sensibly, little grasshopper, there are a variety of non fluoride toothpastes available.

Fluoride is a poisonous material that bio-accumulates and broadly undermines health. Originally used as a pesticide and rat poison, and to create apathy among prisoners of war, industrial and mining activity left much fluoride as a byproduct. The decision was made on high to pretend it’s great for teeth and put it into municipal water. This promoted apathy and sickliness in one blow, thus making the population easier to manipulate while contributing to the creation of tens of millions of customers for an avalanche of pills for every ailment. Brilliant.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that mainstream media avoid full honesty like the plague. The unstated role of much so called communication is to manipulate the public on important subjects. It’s called mind control, or brainwashing. That which would arm the public with understanding is censored or distorted. Think of the ‘news’ as your daily dose of fairy tales, superficial theatre, designed to leave you in the dark.

Forthright communication, on the other hand, illuminates our circumstance. Your shortwave radio offers a helpful exception to dishonest information. I’m not religious, but global Christian radio five days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., offers the Power Hour, at around 6.6 MHz. This show, which deals with politics and health, repeats very early in the morning around 5 MHz. At noon until 4 p.m. five times a day at around 12.6 MHz you can hear the Alex Jones show, home of forthright communication. The Alex Jones show is repeated at 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. at around 5 MHz.

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