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August 17, 2012

G4S fiasco revealed limitations of private sector, admits Defence Secretary Philip Hammond …
The failure of G4S to provide adequate staffing levels for the Olympics showed the limitations of private companies taking on public sector contracts, the Defence Secretary has admitted. – UK Telegraph

In retrospect, we understand the real reason for the British Olympics. It was all for the glory of the state.

What else can we expect from Britain, where powerful banking families rule London’s City and maybe the entire world from a single square mile?

For months, the alternative and mainstream press was deluged with reports of potential terrorist activity to take place at the games. How would such terrible events be handled? Well … the nation’s leading private security firm was hired to run the affair.

But in implementing its service, the firm proved incompetent. And in rode the British army and police to plug the gap! Nearly 20,000 of them.

Now, comes the post-mortem and yet MORE praise for the British armed services. And the British media covers the fiasco from top to bottom. The UK Telegraph, for instance (see above) posted an article on the sub-par job the hired “private” security did during the Olympic games. “G4S fiasco revealed limitations of private sector,” admits Defense Secretary Philip Hammond, according to the Telegraph.

In July, Hammond outlined cuts of up to 20,000 regular troops. The Telegraph then reported that, “The cuts in Army 2020 will be the biggest reforms to the Service since 1904 reducing it to 82,000 men, its smallest size since the Napoleonic Wars … There will be thousands of disappointed soldiers [whose] regiments are being assigned to oblivion.”

Can’t have that!

So how about an elaborate false flag? First plant plenty of reports of incipient terrorism, then hire Britain’s largest security contractor (with whom top brass have a friendly relationship) and, finally, assure its supposed incompetence is alleviated by “professional” British troops.

And thus it was – suddenly – some two weeks before the opening ceremony, that the company announced could not meet its £284 million contract to provide 10,400 staff for the Games.

Bear in mind this one of the largest security companies in the world! According to the firm’s own literature, David Taylor-Smith, group chief operating officer and regional CEO – UK and Africa, “served as a British army officer in Northern Ireland, Germany, England, Namibia and in Cyprus with the United Nations.”

But somehow it all goes awry. Groveling apologies are made. And eventually some 18,200 military personnel are deployed. And now comes the post mortem where certain points are to be driven home by the compliant press …

The Telegraph’s editors, obviously impressed, commissioned a poll that sits in the middle of the article. It asks, “Should public security be contracted out to private companies?” By an overwhelming margin, some ten-to-one, respondents clicked the option reading, “No, the public sector does the job more thoroughly and not for profit.”

Thus it is that one despairs of Britain’s prospects, at least until more of its professional class wakes up to what’s being done to them. They are so used to being propagandized by the banksters that they don’t even notice one of its largest applications ever!

Look … It is not enough that London may already have more spy-cameras than people on the streets, that its ruling classes have driven the middle class into an impending extinction, that there are not enough jobs and far too many EU regulations.

It is not enough that the top classes won’t allow their inferiors the opportunity to vote on leaving the EU, that the British taxing authority now lays claim to the a global regime, or that a few dynastic families control central banking and basically run the Western world (and perhaps the whole world).

It is not enough that this titular nexus virtually rapes 60 million Britons every day with decrepit public services, dysfunctional public health care, and wars that continually exploit and kill the cream of young British manhood.

No … the British elites continue to aggressively self-promote. It is an old system. Money Power, supported by military and police protection, wraps itself in armaments. The Olympics were just one more opportunity, albeit on a larger stage.

Additional points from the Telegraph article:

•Secretary Hammond makes sure the British public understands that only the British military is capable of providing competent and professional security. “I haven’t been able to think of a single large-scale example where a private organization delivers a contingent capability.”

•Masterful military services are yet underused: “You pay for it, year in, year out, but you probably never use it for what it’s designed for.”

•He may make it illegal for employers to ask applicants whether they are in the reserves.

Finally, just in case someone has missed the point, the article adds that “Cuts to the armed forces mean the Government needs to recruit 15,000 reservists by 2020.”

And to make sure readers know how grateful chastened “private sector” vendor G4S really is, an anonymous defense person is quoted as saying G4S is to donate £2.5 million to the Armed Forces as a “goodwill gesture.”

What a charade! By entrenching class interests, the topmost banking families retain their control over the Bank of England and 100 other central banks around the world. There is not a single aspect of British life that is not bent to propaganda to ensure the business interests of these families.

Every formal ceremony and cultural event is intended to glorify the state and its designated actors. And these individuals like worker bees, buzz around the City’s dynastic banking families to make sure their will is carried out and their status remains both anonymous and rarified.

Problem/solution. The problem was terrorism, amply discussed. The solution was overwhelming military security. The athletes may have thought the Olympics were about them. But really (as usual) the Olympics were merely a stage on which to impress people with the might and competence of the British state.

A state that is most necessary to the City’s elites until they jettison it and create full-fledged world government.

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