Videos of well-armed robots competing against each other in a battle to the death were removed from YouTube after the company said the content violated its community guidelines.

Despite the fact that no animals were harmed during these robotic conflicts, YouTube sent a message to Jamison Go of BattleBots’ team SawBlaze saying a video was deleted.

BattleBots is a popular robot combat television series that first premiered in 2000 and has a large fanbase.

Sarah Pohorecky, of BattleBots’ Team Uppercut, was also served with a takedown notice for uploading a robot fighting video, according to YouTube channel Maker’s Muse.

“I’d say off my head that at least 10-15 builders have been affected. Some had a number of videos removed, while others only had one or two out of many robot videos on their channels [removed],” Pohorecky told Vice’s Motherboard.

YouTube did contact Motherboard to confirm the videos were restored, while claiming the initial deletion was accidental.

This is simply another example of why imperfect algorithms should not be made the judge, jury and executioner of internet content.

Watch the video YouTube deleted below:

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