In a new video by Rebel Media, contributor Lauren Southern explains why she is not a feminist. Her reason: the feminist movement is no longer about equality, as evidenced by feminists’ dishonest handling of issues impacting men as much or more than women, including rape and domestic abuse.

Citing several statistics–including that up between 100,000-140,000 men are raped every year (more than the number of women), that in roughly half of all domestic abuse cases in America and Canada males were the victims, and that 80% of suicides are males–Southern argues that feminists consistently fail to address the inequality of the treatment of men and women in such cases. Men are not offered the safe houses, court advocacies programs, subsidized counseling and legal care, and the same support that women are offered, yet feminists seem to never address such inequalities.

“Men make up 80% of suicide victims, 92% of workplace deaths, 97% of combat deaths, and 77% of homicide victims,” says Southern. “Men are objectified, men are raped, men are mistreated, men are held to ridiculously high societal standards, just like women. Yet feminists continue to place this blanket judgment over all men that they’re all privileged, and all women, that they are all oppressed.”

Southern goes on to point out the privileges of women in society, including winning custody battles at a far higher rate, receiving “less than half the sentence a man does for the exact same crime,” getting a government job more easily than men, and being admitted at a higher rate into universities. Despite the numbers, Southern stresses, modern feminism continues to push its single-minded narrative while ignoring the often unequal treatment of men.

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