Yes, yes, yes. We saw that tweet from Vox. After what happened with InfoWars (see Democrat Senator: Banning InfoWars was Just the Beginning and Facebook Removes Infowars’ Page for ‘Violating Community Standards’), their retweet of this silly video isn’t surprising:

It’s not a new video. Vox actually released the video back in October. They’re just recycling it. In the business, we call their video “evergreen.” In our case, Vox’s evergreen is good for chopping all year round.

So as we did when Vox originally released the video, we are reissuing rebuttal. Evergreen works both ways.

Remember, it’s not just InfoWars. The left has made it clear the plan is to use InfoWars as their excuse to claim anyone they disagree with is “hate speech.” And to silence any opposing viewpoint they find triggering.

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