Jurriaan Maessen
August 13, 2009

It was to be expected. The surge of Obama-as-Joker posters has been seized upon to confuse and distract the sleep drunk giant in his process of awakening. While the attempt to equate the Joker-depiction with racism has failed for obvious reasons, a new tactic has surfaced, attempting to associate the Joker-poster with those in the habit of issuing death threats.

Democrat Rep. Brian Baird

TheHill.Com online newspaper reported that the very democratic congressman who recently screamed that the grass roots opposition manifesting in the town hall meetings on health care resemble “Brown Shirt tactics”, received a fax by a person or persons unknown depicting the famous Obama as the Joker. But the image that was sent to Democratic congressman Brian Baird had some strange additions to it, in an obvious attempt to discredit the grass roots opposition to the recent health care bill.

According to TheHill.Com, the fax showed the familiar image of the Joker superimposed on the face of the President, but this time “On Obama’s forehead is a communist hammer-and-sickle insignia, and beneath the image is the text: “Death to all Marxists! Foreign and Domestic!”’.

The fax has of course been forwarded to the Secret Service, responsible for investigating death threats directed at the President, deeming the image as “potentially an investigative intelligence matter”.

At first glance, the fax could be viewed as a thoughtless initiative by some lone ne’er-do-well. But various aspects of this curious case make this particular matter all too convenient. Viewed in the context of the recent uprising by the American people in defiance of tyranny, the matter acquires an extra dimension.

“The message made no specific reference to Baird”, the online paper states, “and it is unclear why it was sent to his office. No other congressional office reported receiving a similar fax.”

It was of course Congressman Baird who recently opened his heart to The Columbian, saying that “What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics. I mean that very seriously.”- he added. In the same interview, Baird stated that he won’t face his constituents regarding the health care debate out of fear of an “ambush”. Instead, the Congressman will host “telephone town halls” so he won’t have to face the people directly, who assemble to redress grievances. Just imagine one of the 18th century statesmen cowering from facing the people. Regardless of the opposition he would expect to face, it would be unthinkable for him to avoid a confrontation as he owes his position to his constituents. But this 21st century politician is made of infinitely weaker stuff than the statesmen of old.

[efoods]As apprehensive as the Congressman is in facing the people he represents, as willing he is to make taxpayer-funded trips to the Antarctic and the Galapagos Islands on one of his many global warming awareness trips. The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted a 2008 trip made by Baird and other members of Congress, in which the Congressmen and their spouses “went diving and snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, rode a cable car through the Australian rain forest and visited a penguin breeding ground during the 11-day trip. The group also stopped in Hawaii on the way home.” Baird’s response to the allegation? “I think I have a responsibility to know about the oceans, for the good of our country.”

Does Baird’s disregard for the people he is supposed to represent know any bounds? Apparently not. It was Baird who had the audacity to compare the protestors “tactics” in town hall meetings to those of alleged Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh; and he abandons even the pretext of thinking when he exclaimed “It’s a lynch mob mentality out there.”

Now isn’t it interesting that it is none other than Congressman Brian Baird, receiving this fax, obviously enforcing the notion that he is justified in his arrogant cowardice? Any and all criticism of Obama equals death threats, people vehemently opposing the health care bill are being aligned with those who feverishly cut and paste newspaper-headlines into death threats against public officials.

But it seems that this case has an even darker aspect. The obvious thing to notice, if one happens to stumble upon it. The Oregonian reported on July 31, that Brian Baird introduced legislation recently, “authorizing the spending of $ 10 million a year to figure out how best to help and persuade people to reduce their energy use.” As a licensed clinical psychologist, Mr. Baird’s bill HR 3247 “would establish a social and behavioral research program in the Department of Energy.” When the bill was debated before the House Committee on Science and Technology last week, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) expressed rightful concern that “At some point, controlling peoples’ behavior and social engineering becomes a threat to peoples’ freedom”. Baird responded with the favourite decoy, playing into people’s fears of being viewed as nuts: “the first thing we need to do is send aluminium hats to people to protect them from mind rays.”

As becomes clear from this latest bill, sponsored by Baird, he would have the government tracking and modifying the behaviour of citizens in regards to energy use by installing a behavioral science division within the Department of Energy. Such psychological operations by a government division obviously go against the very grain of the U.S. Constitution. But Baird won’t be dissuaded by that. As becomes clear from his remarks on the town hall protests, the Constitution is only an afterthought in his mind, preoccupied as he is with matters of behavioral science and its application on the American people.

How convenient it is, that the same Congressman openly involved in psychological operations against the American people, now is the sole receiver of a fax portraying the Obama-as-Joker, underlined by a death threat. It has all the earmarks of a psychological operation in effect, conditioning people to not only equate the Obama-as-Joker poster with aggressive death threats, but rather all opposition to the government’s policies as suspect.

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