More Americans than at any point in the last fifteen years now believe that the US and its allies are losing the ‘war on terror’ and that the terrorists are winning, according to a new survey.

The CNN/ORC poll found that 40 percent believe extremists are gaining in strength, while only 18 percent feel that the terrorists are being defeated.

The figure smashes the previous high for Americans believing terrorists are winning, which came in 2006 when only 22 percent said they felt that was the case.

The latest survey also found that a huge 40 percent said they were unable to say who was winning, with 2 percent having no opinion at all.

It also discovered that many are worried about personally being the victim of terrorism, and having family members hurt by terrorists. A total of 45 percent said they were either “very worried” or “somewhat worried” about that eventuality.

Only 17 percent of respondents expressed a great deal of confidence in the Obama administration when it comes to terrorism policies. Almost a third say they have no confidence at all.

The findings dovetail with comments made by Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who declared last week once again that the President’s anti-terrorism strategy is not working.

Flynn, who was forced to retire last year after consistently expressing opposing opinions to those of the Obama administration, said “Obama has made incredibly poor decisions that have made us less safe.”

Flynn points to the release of detainees who have returned to terrorist networks, and to the shambles overseen by the administration in Libya and Syria.

In the interview with the Daily Caller, Flynn also stated that he believes it will take more than one more president to fix the damage done by the current administration.

“We are allowing the threads of this nicely woven fabric to be pulled apart.” Flynn said.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and 

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