The worst Ebola outbreak in history may be on the decline, but it’s not over. A recent case in Guinea has health workers rushing to the border of neighboring Guinea-Bissau, hoping to quell a possible outbreak there.

While the world celebrated earlier this month when Liberia was declared “Ebola-free,” medical teams are still being dispatched to hotspots around West Africa. And now they’re worried the virus may have crossed a border.

“The risk of a new outbreak in the region is real, so we are preparing now to be ready should the worst happen,” Youcef Ait Chellouche, deputy head of regional Ebola operation at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said in a Wednesday statement.

The IFRC and the WHO have both  sent medical experts to Guinea-Bissau to prepare for a possible outbreak in the small West African country, which could be in danger after a possibly-infected person crossed over from neighboring Guinea.

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