President Trump has blitzed across the country with Make America Great Again campaign rallies in the last two weeks before the historic midterm elections, and the attendance has been stunning.

As Democrats struggle to whip up rallies of only a couple hundred despite bringing out Obama and other celebrities, the one thing all these rallies have in common: they’re totally packed with thousands upon thousands of pro-America patriots!

From Florida to Wisconsin, Montana to Missouri, every rally has no shortage of brimming enthusiasm for America’s revitalization from globalist policies thanks to Trump.

A recent Rassmussen poll shows Republicans leading Democrats, despite wall-to-wall coverage by MSM and their polls predicting a so-called “Blue Wave.”

The Trump/Cruz rally in Houston, Texas, alone drew approximately 30-40,000 people, with over 100,000 RSVP’ing for tickets.

Meanwhile, Obama-led rallies can’t even break 1,000 people in far-left California!

With this much GOP enthusiasm, it’s likely nothing short of voter fraud and censorship can bring a midterm victory for the Democrats.


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