Warning: This story contains disturbing content. 

There are a lot of communities on Reddit where users can complain about cops.

There’s r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut, where people post stories about police abuse. There’s r/Police_v_Video, which advocates for greater respect for citizens’ rights to shoot video footage of police on the job. And there’sr/copwatch, which, as the name implies, watches cops.

In addition to these subreddits, there is another that tracks an oft-overlooked corner of the growing tide of police militarization recently thrust into the limelight by the heavy-handed police crackdown on protestors in Ferguson. While new stories on the subreddit trickle in at a rate of a few a week, r/puppycide’s efforts to document instances of police fatally shooting people’s pet dogs is positively heartbreaking for any animal lover.

A Reddit user going by the handle Ozzymandiaas started the community about a year ago as a way to give exposure to an issue that, while relatively widespread, typically doesn’t receive a great deal of media attention.

‟So many times I saw stories posted in other subs and you could see from the comments that people were shocked to hear that things like this were happening at all,” Ozzymandiaas told the Daily Dot. ‟I felt a sub dedicated specifically to these incidents could help.”



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