A Syrian man who made international news this month after being tripped by a Hungarian camerawoman is a member of the Al-Nusra Front terror group, claims the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).

According to a statement on the PYD website Friday, the alleged refugee, Osama Abdul Mohsen, has been a member of the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group since the beginning of the Syrian conflict more than four years ago.

“Osama Abdul joined the rebel groups in 2011 and committed crimes against civilian minorities, including Kurds,” the statement reads.
A screenshot accompanying the post claims to show photos of Mohsen’s Facebook page, which includes a banner image of the black Al-Qaeda flag.

The PYD states that Mohsen fled from the Syrian town of Tel Abyad and inserted himself amongst legitimate war refugees shortly after Kurdish forces began descending on the city.

Following his encounter with the Hungarian camerawoman, who was subsequently fired for her actions, Mohsen received widespread support across the globe and was even offered employment in Spain.

If the allegations against Mohsen are true, the incident will undoubtedly fuel further debate over the apparent lack of security measures needed to keep terrorist groups out of Europe.

Mohsen’s initial situation in Hungary represents yet another example of selective reporting by major media outlets who continue to ignore vital facts surrounding the alleged refugee crisis.

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