In the last few hours the unthinkable has become a reality, as the New World Order rears its ugly head once again.

In a dramatic move Germany has decided to relocate a relatively small part of their huge arrival of immigrants to the ex-concentration camp called Buchenwald, demonstrating to the world the real face of the New World Order.

Even the strong words of opposition from the Israeli media after the first immigrants arrived from Bangladesh and North Africa last January, has not dissuaded Germany from moving forward with this controversial plan of reutilization of this infamous structure, where 56 thousand people were killed, of which 11 thousand were Jews.

A 77 year old woman named Miriam Spitzer from Telaviv, a survivor of the Shoa, has stated with profound disappointment that the place gave her a “terrible sensation,” and the local press stated it should have remained a museum.

So this decision comes directly from the central government in Germany and no one can oppose it. Of course we have to find ways to stop this crisis, as terrorists are infiltrated amongst the thousands of refugees, but how can the world tolerate a move like this from Germany in 2015?

The premier of North Rhine Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft asked the local Mayor from Angela Merkel’s CDU to abandon the plan. The Mayor replied from the pages of Der Spiegel that: “a place with a story like this can finally serve a useful purpose.”

Abdurahman Massa , a 20 year old of Eritrean descent was seemingly indifferent to the infamous story behind his new home, and declared to the Daily Express: “for me this is a good accommodation.”

Keeping the victims of the Holocaust in mind, I think it only normal to ask a little more respect from the new residents.

Mass immigration is also growing out of control in the US. And even if the mainstream media will continue to call us the “loopy bunch” for discussing the possibility of FEMA concentration camps, these camps will be the first used with the full approval of the population to intern all the illegal immigrants, the gangs and so on. They will follow up the initial stage by relocating all the people who oppose the system, silencing all internal opposition to the Police State.

At this stage many will be too busy following the first Presidential reality show if Trump makes it to the White House.

In the meantime, ghosts of the past materialize in Germany, as Newsweek stated last March, “Neo Nazi activity is on the rise in Europe.”

The New World Order has all sides ready, the tolerant left-wing on one side to let in the immigrants, and the far-right to later oppose and persecute them.

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