Earl Griffin
December 22, 2012

I am more familiar with firearms than the average person. I sold them for a living for several years. I worked as a Peace Officer. I have trained on many firing ranges under the tutelage of men and woman whose instruction was of great value. I grew up hunting and shooting relationally with my late father and with my granddad. I have had an opportunity to become intimately familiar with the function and workings of a wide variety of firearms.

photoThe AR15 is made of modern materials and because of that its detractors like to say it is something that it is not.

There is a falsehood being perpetrated upon the public. You see an “Assault Rifle,” has what is known as a selector switch. This switch allows the shooter to change the weapons function from semi automatic (like a hunting gun) to rapid fire or in some cases auto fire. Rapid fire allows the weapon to fire a burst of three rounds. Auto fire allows it to continue to fire so long as the trigger is depressed.

This is important: An AR15 is NOT an “Assault Rifle.”

It’s Military counterpart, the M16 IS an “Assault Rifle.”

The AR15 is made of modern materials and because of that its detractors like to say it is something that it is not. The AR15 is NOT an “Assault Rifle.”

The term “Assault Rifle,” is a value loaded term much like “Terrorism,” Those who wish to manipulate public sentiment like to use these kinds of terms to sway the opinions of those who don’t really know much about the topic but who love their families and want things to get “better.”

Better often means a further roll back of our Constitutional freedoms. Rolling back freedom is never better.

Here is something to think about: The AR15 is just another semi automatic firearm, much like a 12 gauge shotgun used for bird hunting or a semi automatic hunting rifle used for deer. It is not at all unlike a boy’s .22 caliber rifle used for squirrel or rabbit hunting.

The big difference is that it is made of modern materials instead of wood. If you allow the proponents of gun control to describe every semi automatic rifle (and shotguns – it is the same action) then the next step in this nefarious exercise will be to ban ALL semi automatic rifles and shotguns – that means your hunting weapons. It also means your family heirlooms passed down from granddad or dad.

In conclusion let me repeat: The AR15 is just another semi automatic rifle with a fancy stock made of modern materials. It is not a “Machine Gun,” or an “Assault Rifle.” No amount of describing it this way will change this.

People who use those terms either don’t know what an “Assault Rifle” really is or they are perpetrating a mean spirited falsehood designed ultimately to rob you of your 2nd Amendment rights.

Do your own homework. Do your own thinking. Don’t get carried away by emotion as doing so makes it easier for others to exert control over you.

Protect every word of the Constitution. Stand firm against those who would see your rights curtailed. They will not be satisfied until there is no Second Amendment.

This post first appeared on Earl Griffin’s blog, Barking Window.

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