CamelBak water bottles, Bell bicycle helmets, Giro ski goggles – what these products have in common is that they’re owned by Vista Outdoor, which includes gun and ammo makers among its brands as well as a strong National Rifle Association connection.

And that’s part of the reason REI, a nationwide outdoor retailer and consumer co-op, announced Thursday evening that it would, for the time being, no longer be ordering CamelBak, Bell, Giro or any other of the 50 Vista Outdoor brands to sell in its stores.

REI’s announcement came just hours after thousands of REI’s members signed an online petition urging REI to cut ties with Vista Outdoor over Vista’s support for the NRA and its gun-manufacturing business. The company joins a widening range of others that have in some way taken a stand against assault-style weapons and the NRA by discontinuing sales, making it harder to buy weapons or, as in this case, cutting ties in the wake of the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead.

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