Senate Majority leader also implies that everything Congress does is constitutional
September 12, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said today that “anarchists” have taken over Congress in reference to the Republicans attempting to kill Obamacare.

Yesterday, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) said that he would block senators from calling up their own amendments on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (S. 1392) until he knows he will get a vote on his amendment that requires staff from both the executive and the legislative branches of the government to enroll in ObamaCare health exchanges.

“We’re diverted totally from what this bill is about. Why?” Reid said during a Senate session. “Because the anarchists have taken over.”

“They’ve taken over the House and now they’ve taken over the Senate.”

Reid also said that it’s wrong to “throw a monkey wrench” into the wheels of government.

Vitter said that although his amendment is not related to the energy bill, he felt compelled to bring it up because the federal health insurance marketplace starts October 1.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also introduced an Obamacare amendment that would suspend the individual health insurance mandate for one year among other things.

“Sen. McConnell has offered this before and will continue to push for it until everybody gets the same break that President Obama granted to businesses,” said John Ashbrook, McConnell’s spokesperson.

In July, the U.S. House approved a bill, 251-174, which delays the individual mandate until 2015.

Twenty-two Democrats voted in favor of the bill, entitled “The Fairness for America Families Act” (HR 2668), which President Obama has vowed to veto.

Contrary to Obama’s disapproval, the Congressional Budget Office actually discovered that the “The Fairness for America Families Act” would save $35 billion dollars over ten years.

“I never thought I’d see the day when the White House, this president, came down on the side of big business, but left the American people out in the cold as far as this health care mandate is concerned,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said.

Prior to the CBO analysis, the White House had claimed that the “The Fairness for America Families Act” would increase both health insurance premiums and the number of uninsured Americans.

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