A new storm has surfaced which the media is now using to their advantage in an attempt to knock the president-elect down just nine days before he takes office on Jan. 20.

Newly emerging anti-Trump propaganda, originally submitted by U.S. Sen. John McCain to the F.B.I. in December, is now making its rounds on unreliable news platforms like BuzzFeed.com and CNN.

“This is opposition research done by some campaign or operative that somehow leaked out. It is not an intelligence document. […] and all of this isn’t even fit to print in the New York Times,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told MSNBC on the “Morning Joe” show Wednesday.

Late Tuesday night Intellihub’s Alex Thomas pointed out, “The fact that we now know Rhino Republicans like McCain are directly working in the background to stop the Donald Trump Administration before it even begins should make it clear once and for all that the establishment, at all levels, is firmly against the incoming president-elect.”

The 35-page document is pure trash and “is unsubstantiated,” Priebus said.

A subject listed in the dossier, Michael Cohen, an American lawyer, admits that the report is ‘fake news,’ and even posted a picture of his passport on Twitter, tweeting out, “I have never been to Prague in my life. .”

Reince Priebus confirms that he even checked Cohen’s passport and told MSNBC that “the guy has never been to Prague.”

Priebus said he questioned Cohen in detail over the allegations and concluded that “it never happened,” it’s all just made up and uncredible sources within the media are running with it.

“The first I heard of all of this salacious garbage is when somebody printed out this document last night,” Priebus said.

MSNBC’s Tom Brokaw even popped onto the broadcast in defense of the dossier claiming that he “first heard about it four months ago.” and that he and other news outlets “have been chasing it” but “have never been able to close the book on it.” Brokaw said he even took the dossier to “a very senior intel official […] at one point” to look at it. Brokaw said that there may be “a legitimate claim here.”

Priebus maintained, “The BuzzFeed memo, all the salacious details in that memo, all of those things are total phony bologna garbage. It never happened. It isn’t true… CNN is basing their information on nothing.”

“The two outlets that are going with it [BuzzFeed and CNN] are continuing to make the same mistakes that they have made in the run-up to this election — which is let their bias get in the way of actually finding out what facts are and putting them out there. The whole thing has felt wrong […],” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

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