As if we aren’t already familiar with Mrs. Clinton, her campaign seeks a second, no wait, fourth chance at a first impression with American voters. As Sanders gains popularity at her expense, moves like this signal that the fight is on between dems. Who will come out on top for the nomination?

Hillary Clinton is private and guarded by nature, and three decades of being inspected like an exotic species has made her even more so. But right now, in the early days of what will be a 19-month campaign for the White House, she is trying to share and expound on her experi­ences, to project some greater measure of herself, big and small. Moose tales aside, this does not come easily. She has resided at the center of so many scandals, psychodramas and culture wars that it’s hard to even keep track of them all, let alone know what the person within that bubble of attention is actually like.

Clinton had a full day of campaigning ahead of her — a house party, a parade and a stop at a restaurant. The weather was clear and sunny, and she was full of laughs and stories and, at this moment at least, seemed content to be back out in the wild. Clinton broke into a big laugh upon being told that a manager from the Mount Washington hotel had corrected me for not referring to Britain’s most prominent representative to the Bretton Woods Conference as ‘‘Lord John Maynard Keynes’’ (I had omitted the ‘‘Lord’’). The day before, at a rally in Hanover, she described a road trip she once took to a conference at Dartmouth, back when she was in college at Wellesley. She had a blind date there, she told the audience, and they laughed. She is trying to give out more details like that. Voters appreciate it when they recognize bits of themselves in their would-be leaders — knowing that they, too, have gone on blind dates, cared for aging parents or maybe recently welcomed a granddaughter. These are things Hillary Clinton has been talking about as she has undertaken the messy practice of what political types refer to as ‘‘reintroducing’’ — or, in Clinton’s case, re-re-re-reintroducing.

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