Christina Sarich
April 4th, 2014

As more Americans become aware of the dangers of fluoridated water, and the fact that 97% of countries in Europe don’t fluoridate their water supply, communities are speaking out and changing the quality of municipal water supplies. Who would want to consume a toxic byproduct of the fertilizer and petroleum industries anyhow? Even with compelling evidence that water fluoridation lowers IQ scores and causes neurological impairment, as evidenced in multiple Harvard studies, the American Dental Association, our government agencies, and corporations want to keep dumbing down the next generation with fluoride.

Here are 5 places in the US bucking the system, and one in Europe getting the fluoride out of their water – all just since the beginning of 2014:

1. Amherst County, Virginia – The citizens of Amherst can enjoy fluoride-free water now since several members of the Service Authority Board felt that there were no ‘optimum’ levels of fluoridation for water, and that it was an expensive and unnecessary additive to continue putting in municipal water.

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