Kurt Nimmo
May 26, 2011

Appearing on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Wednesday prior to the Texas Senate killing a bill that would have criminalized intrusive pat-downs, Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia said he is undecided on the PATRIOT Act because it is focused on Americans, not official enemies.

Broun is a member of the House Homeland Security Committee. During the interview he said the TSA is too politically correct when it selects passengers to molest at airports.

“We have to identify those people — we do that through human intelligence, we do that by trying to get into the inner circle,” he said. “Focus upon those individuals, not on the general public. Unfortunately, I think the Department of Homeland Security has been focusing on the general public and have been afraid of political correctness.”

“We’ve got to forget political correctness,” Broun added. “We’ve got to start focusing on those people who want to harm us as a nation.”

The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security do not profile Arabs because they do not pose a threat, despite nearly a decade of propaganda to the contrary. Crazed gunmen at meet and greets and drug cartels in American cities are far more of a threat to the security of the American people. So are rogue cops dumping the wheelchair-bound on sidewalks and pumping 60 bullets into veterans.

Mr. Broun and the political class in Washington are missing the point. TSA goons picking out old ladies and children to molest while ignoring folks in Arab garb has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s about training the American people to accept and submit to the state.

If we will consent to agents of the state sticking their hands down our pants – and those of our children – we will accept just about anything, including black-clad militarized cops at the mall and on street corners barking orders like they do in third world dictatorships.

The threat is not a handful of radicalized Muslims. It is the government and its desire to create a police state engineered to violently guarantee its monopoly on power.

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