Congressman Steve King, speaking at The Family Leadership Summit in the heart of his own congressional district in Iowa, said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that an isolated video was not the cause of the jihadist attack on the mission in Benghazi that killed four American diplomats in 2011.

The Congressman asserted that he knows for a fact that Hillary Clinton knew the truth when the administration gave a classified briefing to the United States Congress. King explained, “I can’t tell you what was said [that was] classified. Except I can tell you this: she told us the same lies that Susan Rice told America the Sunday before” on the morning talk shows.

Speaking at the summit to celebrate conservative social values, Congressman King recounted that under the Obama administration, “abortions have been accelerated,” adding that “traditional marriage has been undermined and eroded, and our freedoms have been undermined and eroded.”

“Now we have a government who takes the expansion of the executive branch and weaponizes it to go after the people who disagree with the President of the United States. His political enemies … are under attack by the federal government,” King asserted.

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