Michelle Castillo
CBS News
Oct. 15, 2013

About five million babies have been born thanks to the aid of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

The International Committee for the Monitoring of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ICMART), which represents more than 50 fertility organizations around the world, announced the landmark figure on Tuesday. The information was presented at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston.

“This comprehensive report confirms that we now have over 5 million babies born through Assisted Reproduction,” International Federation of Fertility Societies Board member Mr. Richard Kennedy said in a press release. “More than that, it shows that half of them have been born in the last 6 years. The number of babies born through ART is now about the same as the population of a U.S. state such as Colorado, or a country such as Lebanon or Ireland. This is a great medical success story.”

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