Italy is ground zero for unrelenting waves of migrants pouring into Europe from Africa, sparking a sharp rise in opposition from Italian citizens to the government’s current immigration policies.

A new Ipsos survey conducted for Italian outlet Corriere della Sera reflects that an overwhelming 71% of Italians think the country is “going in the wrong direction” in regards to immigration – up from 59% in 2016, according to the Daily Express.

Additionally, overall concern for border controls and related issues has exploded from 3% to 35% in just three years.

“Nando Pagnoncelli, a pollster at Ipsos, says that in 2014, just 3 per cent of Italians cited immigration as a major concern,” reports the Financial Times. “That has risen to 35 per cent this year.”

“The attention is rising sharply and it’s a very sensitive theme,” he says. “The attitude is of closure [vis-à-vis the migrants] and the main reasons are worries about security, access to work, and access to public services.”

The findings of the Ipsos poll mirror those of similar recent surveys, including one conducted regarding current legislation that would enable migrants’ offspring to secure citizenship much more easily.

“A majority of respondents (51 per cent) said they consider the bill to be part of an ongoing attempt to ‘ethnically replace’ the Italian people,” reported Breitbart. “The survey found strong opposition to mass migration, with more than 70 per cent of people polled disagreeing with the statement: ‘[Italy] must welcome the Africans who are arriving in boats.’

Infowars reported this week on new statistics from Eurostat revealing that only 1.4% of migrants who have arrived in Italy this year are ‘Syrian refugees,’ and only .36% are Libyan.

“The number underscore how the true nature of the migrant crisis is being completely misrepresented by the press, left-wing groups and politicians,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson. “Over 20% of the asylum claims are from Nigerians. Bangladeshis also accounted for over 9% of asylum claims, while Pakistanis accounted for 7.5% and migrants from the Gambia accounting for 7.9% of asylum requests.”

“None of these countries are at war.”

More than 100,000 migrants have landed on European shores in 2017, with 85% arriving in Italy, prompting neighboring countries to take drastic measures to prevent the invasion from spilling across their borders.

The Italian government has indicated it is considering a ‘nuclear option’ to uncork the bottleneck of illegal immigrants at the gateway to Europe by issuing temporary ‘humanitarian visas’ to as many as 200,000 migrants, which would enable them to legally move north into the rest of the continent – and could spark military intervention in the process.

The Austrian government recently moved 750 troops and four Pandur armored vehicles into the Tyrol region, where they can quickly deploy to the Brenner Pass – the primary connector between Austria and Italy through the Alps, if necessary.

The United Nations refugee agency recently released a report admitting that what has long been referred to as a ‘refugee’ crisis has little to do with true ‘refugees’ and virtually everything to do with illegal immigration and human trafficking.

“The UN has said that seven in 10 people crossing the Mediterranean from Libya are economic migrants and the rest are ‘people in need of protection’ like refugees and asylum-seekers,” reported the Daily Mail. “The U.N. refugee agency says people smuggling and migrant flows in Libya are on the rise, so Europe may face increased flows of migrants and refugees in the future.”

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