Suspected airport shooter Esteban Santiago reportedly lived not far from the only mosque in Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaskan voting records show an Esteban Santiago living at 1200 W Dimond Blvd., which is less than two miles from the Islamic Community Center of Anchorage.

In November, Santiago walked into an Anchorage FBI office and claimed he was forced to fight for ISIS.

He is the only known person with that name in Anchorage, according to a public records search.

Santiago was also picture wearing a black on green Palestinian Keffiyeh scarf giving a “one-finger salute,” a gesture also displayed by the ISIS gunman who shot the Russian ambassador in Dec.

Santiago had flown with Delta Airlines from Anchorage to Fort Lauderdale, and, upon landing, picked up his gun at the baggage claim, loaded it and began firing, multiple sources said.

“Esteban moved to Alaska two years ago for work, and had been employed as a security guard, according to his brother,” reported NBC New York, adding that Santiago was suffering mental issues. “He had a girlfriend and a child there.”

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