Halifax Bank in the United Kingdom is passing on information to a third party detailing when its customers physically visited the bank, a policy that is sure to concern privacy advocates.

We were contacted by a Halifax customer who told us that he received a call yesterday from a company called Network Research asking for him to participate in a survey on behalf of Halifax Bank.

He refused to take part but was then told that the company were aware of his visit to the bank the previous week.

“This company stated the Halifax bank had told them I had been in the bank the previous Friday and they would like my feedback. This was in fact true, I had been on that day,” writes the customer, who visited an ATM at the bank and did not speak to any bank employees.

“I have a problem with a bank telling any third party company my information especially regarding my comings and goings,” writes the individual, adding, “It seems to me at least that my use of a machine was relayed to this third party company which I can only describe as a form of tracking.”

We asked both Network Research and Halifax Bank if and why they were sharing information about the physical location of customers. Both refused to directly acknowledge that this was the case, although their responses indicated that this was part of the policy.

Network Research passed the buck to Halifax Bank.

Halifax then acknowledged that its systems “record which channels you use to manage your account” and asks for feedback (via a third party).

No one would be surprised by the fact that banks are recording when its customers make withdrawals, but the fact that such information is being passed on to third parties, and how secure that data is, will alarm some who are uncomfortable with their movements being tracked and put in a database.

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