California’s upcoming ban on the use of traditional lead ammunition could triple the price of all ammunition in the state, forcing many gun owners to give up shooting, according to a report by a firearm trade association.

In its 15-page report, the National Shooting Sport Foundation, in association with an economic research firm, concluded the ban will increase ammo prices up to and possibly beyond 300% for centerfire cartridges, such as the popular .30-06 Springfield and .357 Magnum, shotgun shells and rimfire rounds, including the .22 Long Rifle which in the past was one of the the most affordable calibers to shoot.

“Based on a survey of California hunters, higher ammunition prices will drive 36% of California hunters to stop hunting or reduce their participation,” the report states. “Thirteen percent of California hunters report they would stop hunting [entirely] as a result of the higher prices.”

“An additional 10% were unsure if they would continue to hunt and another 23% said they would likely hunt less than in recent years.”

The report also stated the lead ban would impact rimfire rounds the most, and because the .22 Long Rifle and .17 HMR calibers are popular with young shooters due to their light recoil, it’s quite possible the ban will prevent many youths in California from ever shooting a firearm.

This is the hidden intent of California’s lead ammo ban; it is backdoor gun control designed to destroy the Second Amendment by making ammunition completely unaffordable and in short supply.

Currently about 95% of all ammo sold in California contains lead, which has been used in bullets for centuries.

“Individual hunters and some businesses will suffer economically,” the report added. “In addition, wildlife and all who enjoy wildlife in any manner will also suffer as hunter’s licenses and excise taxes on firearms and ammunition are the primary funding source for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s conservation efforts.”

“In summary, prohibiting use of [traditional] ammunition will have significant effects on the state economy, wildlife conservation and hunters’ ability to enjoy the outdoors.”

Last October, Gov. Jerry Brown approved the lead ban under State Bill 711, which completely outlaws the use of traditional lead ammunition by July 1, 2019, with a phase-in period starting next year.

It is unlikely that manufacturers will produce enough non-lead ammunition to make up for the shortage by the time the full ban takes effect.

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