CNN is not only organizing a gun control debate town hall, but is allegedly rehearsing the event to coach participants what to say before it’s televised, according to independent investigator Laura Loomer.

“I’m told CNN is in the process of organizing a network hosted town hall about gun control here in Broward County this week,” Loomer tweeted Sunday.

“When your network is a fake news propaganda machine, you get preferential treatment and advance knowledge from lawmakers…”

“Source tells me CNN will be having a “rehearsal” for their gun control town hall here in Broward County, FL. Why do they need to practice asking questions about gun control? And who are they practicing with?”

“It’s almost like they are telling the victims & students what to say!” she added.

CNN announced their town hall Saturday, inviting President Trump and Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) to the event, which will be moderated by Jake Tapper.

It’s sure to be a fair and even-handed debate…

“To help facilitate the discussion, CNN has announced it will hold a nationally televised town hall with the victims’ classmates, parents and community members,” the network said in a statement.

“In addition, President Donald Trump, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott, along with the state’s Sen. Bill Nelson, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Ted Deutch have all been invited to participate in the town hall and hear directly from the grieving community.”

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