Three people are dead, including two court bailiffs, following a shooting at the Berrien Co. Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan on Monday.

A police officer was also wounded in the attack reported by local media.

The gunshots were heard around 2:20pm local time, and by 3:00pm the shooter was declared dead with Sheriff Paul Bailey stating the situation was under control.

“They had a gentleman in there, in his jail greens and handcuffs,” witness Mark Laukus told WSJM. “One of the sheriff’s bailiffs took him into another hallway, and you heard a scuffle, you heard someone hit the floor.”

“Then the courtroom bailiff went into that room, and you heard a gunshot.”

The shooting happened only days after the Dallas massacre in which five police officers were killed and the St. Paul, Minn., riot in which protestors threw bricks, rebar and Molotov cocktails at police, which critically injured at least one officer.

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