The official Ted Cruz and John Kasich smartphone apps are tracking their users, according to Symantec.

The Kasich 2016 app may expose the user’s location and every app installed on the device, Symantec warned, while the Cruz Crew app may expose the user’s smartphone details and identification.

“Remember, before you download that presidential primary app, apps may gather a lot of information and may expose your data,” Cynthia Chen with Symantec said. “Even official apps may expose sensitive data, so using protection will allow you to both be involved with the election process and keep sensitive data safe.”

Symantec even rated the Kasich app as a medium security risk.

“If an app is asking for more information than you’re comfortable sharing, it might be a sign to run the other way,” the security firm warned. “Think of what the purpose of the app is, and only provide information that is necessary for the app to serve its function.”

Symantec also revealed that many of the unofficial apps were also tracking users’ social network usernames, phone numbers, and SIM card data.

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