Ted Cruz, who suffered a pyrrhic victory in Texas, is losing cash fast and could be forced out of the presidential race.

Cruz won Texas with a margin of victory well below historical averages for Texan home state candidates and was dependent on evangelical voters in the Deep South to win delegates, but plurality of those voters chose Donald Trump instead on Super Tuesday.

So far, the Texas senator has only won 61% of the delegates he needs to stay on track for the nomination, far below Trump who is exceeding his target.

And unfortunately for Cruz, the next five primaries on March 15 hold far less potential for victories than the previous Southern states Cruz was counting on that Trump won.

“The Texas senator remains well behind Trump in the delegate count, and now rumors are swirling of a campaign that has spent almost as much money as did the already-departed Jeb Bush fiasco, with little more to show for it – and that money is said to now be running out,” DC Whispers reported. “The numbers are staggering: over $100 million raised, much of it from Big Oil and law firms, and much of that now spent trying to secure a better than 50% victory in Texas that would have garnered the candidate all of his home state’s 155 delegates, but instead Cruz has earned less than 44% support among Texas voters.”

“By comparison, George W. Bush won over 87% of the Texas vote in 2000 – double Tex Cruz’s mark.”

Apparently Cruz offered to drop out of the race in exchange for a Supreme Court appointment, and moreover the establishment has already cut most of their ties with Cruz: last week when the Koch Bros. met with donors to try and stop Trump, they recruited Rubio and even failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney – but not Cruz.

Cruz still has cash on hand and raised nearly $12 million in February — his biggest monthly haul of the campaign – but he also spent a lot on Super Tuesday and may not have enough money to last beyond April as fewer donations are pouring in.

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