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February 14, 2012

This report reviews the positions around the Middle-East Poker table, in the wake of the recent Russo-Iranian overtake of Syria, and while the whole world speculates about the true intentions of the USA regarding this region. The issues are covered from a broad historical perspective and delve into a detailed analysis of their military, geopolitical and economic aspects .

The American Game plan

The American purpose is not to annex the Middle-East to the west but rather to pit it against the SCO, having turned it into a jihadist powerhouse on a global scale unseen before.

The US currently faces 3 possible alternatives:

1. To take on Iran with a full scale frontal assault. Recent mobilization of US military assets into and around the Persian Gulf seems to support this hypothesis, yet nothing is determined so far.

2. To contain Iran, till it can destabilize Russia and China, in accordance with Brzezinski’s doctrine, Which it does and has been perpetrating for some 40 years by now, since the Iranian Shiite movement started acting in Lebanon, nearly a decade before Brzezinski toppled the secularist Shah in Tehran. The usurpation of the office of US presidency by Barack Hussein Obama, without legal eligibility or due appointment, and the wavering of the US constitution during his time in office by means of an Enabling- act alleged for the sake of the Nation i.e. the NDAA– are not intended to appease the Muslims as the official doublespeak has it, but rather attest to the extremist Mullah regime in Iran being an ‘Alter-Ego’ of the US Banksters, en-route to global fascism shrouded in deep delusional Messianism. It seems the USA is hell-bent on dividing the world in to war-zones, intensive like world-war fronts, driven by religious zeal and enabled by means of nuclear weapons. This marks the peak of globalist insanity and thus must be fended off by means of an international solidarity front.

3. To negotiate directly with Russia, in order to disarm Iran, giving up on the Brzezinski’s doctrine. This is very relevant since Russia has de-facto overtaken Syria (detailed below) thus made the military aspect of encircling Iran irrelevant (using north Iraq as corridor between the two) and exemplifies that in the sheer theoretical scenario of destabilizing Iran then Russia would take it over, not the USA. The Russian overtake of Syria, in conjunction with Iranian deployment forces, is based on Speznatz, advanced mobile SAM & within non-refueling combat range of Su30, Su34 & Su35 from southern Russia. This is also the opportunity to extend the START treatise, this time round with China partaking alongside the USA and Russia, concerning mainly ICBM and Lasers. This relieves from the huge burden of strategic weapon R&D, procurement and operation throughout its life cycle, shall allow Iran to focus on its prosperity, both intellectual and economic.

The problem with the American request from Russia, India and China to join the sanctions regime imposed on Iran is the stated purpose, which instead of negating the Mullah regime negates nuclear technology. It is thus clear the USA doesn’t intend to pacify the middle-east by means of disarming and toppling the Mullah regime in Iran, but rather to use it as a pressure-cooker for generations of regional and global suffering.

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